Mold Remediation

There is a growing awareness for air quality and how it impacts your health and overall quality of life. Immune systems, building envelopes, and air pressures all play a part when considering a mold remediation. Camel City carries industry certifications, owns the proper equipment, possesses years of experience, and has had plenty of successful remediation projects. We also work with an accomplished environmental company when the project calls for it.



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Our Process

1. Answer Your Call

When you call Camel City Restoration to tell us about your mold disaster, you are guaranteed to speak with a real person, not an automated message, no matter the time of day or night. Mold is a serious issue that required immediate attention, and you should be able to speak with someone who cares about the situation and is ready to help right away.

2. Assess

When you choose to go with us as your restoration contractor, our first step is to make a trip to your site and assess the mold damage. We will need to evaluate the extent of the damage and how much time and work the remediation will take in order to restore the site to a healthy and clean place to be.

3. Estimate

Once we have had a chance to assess the damage and evaluate, we will provide you with an accurate estimate for the job ahead. We also have a great working relationship with insurance companies and are prepared to work with whatever agency you are with.

4. Send Our Team

After you have received our estimate, we will send our highly qualified team to start the mold remediation process. Camel City Restoration makes an avid point not to overschedule our teams by taking on more work than we can do while maintaining excellence. Because of this, the team that arrives on site will be ready to do quality work with great service.

5. Do the Prep Work

Next, we will start on the prep work, which may include clearing the affected area enough to begin work or taking your belongings to our climate-controlled, extra-secure storage warehouse, if need be. A job well done requires good prep work.

6. Get the Job Done

Once all those steps are complete, we will be ready to start on the job itself. For mold remediation, this includes clearing the area, repairing the water issues, removing mold-damaged materials, drying and cleaning the area and all materials, and testing for any remnants of the mold. Our goal is to leave everything better than before!